Allan Robins, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor for Manufacturing and Process Development in Biologics

Allan Robins, Ph.D. serves as Senior Advisor for Manufacturing and Process Development in Biologics, to Neuro Trauma Sciences. Previously he was an Independent Consultant in the area of cell therapy manufacturing, process development and manufacturing scale up. He has more than 25 years’ experience in Biotech startups focusing on development of manufacturing processes for cell therapies and biologicals. He was recently Senior Vice President, Science and Technology at ViaCyte. Previously he was Acting CEO of ViaCyte. Dr. Robins oversaw ViaCyte’s cell manufacturing and process development activities. Prior to ViaCyte, Dr. Robins served as Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of BresaGen, Inc a company focused on development of cell therapies for Parkinson’s Disease. Under Dr. Robins’ leadership, BresaGen, Inc. was awarded significant support for its stem cell research from the National Institutes of Health.